Swivel milling machine


Swivel milling machine 245|10

Solid basis and highest quality level. The swivel-milling machine 245 | 10 consciously dispenses with electronic controls and functional elements.

Manual dials and analogue displays have been combined with high quality materials, careful manufacturing and maximum functionality.

For low-throughput operations, the 245 | 10 is a good choice - guaranteed.

Specific value:
Swivel range -5 bis +45°
Revolution speed 3000/4500/6000/9000 rpm
Motor power 5,5 kW / 7,5 HP
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Table size 1100 x 760 mm
Table height 870 mm
Milling arbor 30 mm, not exchangeable
Clamping height 140 mm
Height adjustment 140 mm
Suction connecting piece 120 mm ø, 2 Stück
Dimension 1100 x 1170 mm
Weight ca. 800 kg
PANHANS Sigmaringen Fräsmaschine 245|10

router quick clamping device

manual dials

4 speeds


Basic equipment of the swivel-milling machine 245 | 10
PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge 245|10 Konstruktionszeichnung

Manual dials

Manual setting wheels for height / tilt adjustment. Analog dial gauges show the current values.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge 245|10 Manuelle Einstellräder

4 speeds

4 speeds 3000/4500/6000/9000 rpm with electrical speed indicator and quick belt tensioning device.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge 680|100 Positioniersteuerung

Milling cutter quick release device

Milling spindle 30 mm can not be replaced with cutter quick-release device

PANHANS Sigmaringen HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau Langlochbohrmaschine 116|10 Doppelwinkelverstellanschlag

Spindle fence

Total adjustment via handwheel.
Single jaw adjustment via a star grip and scale, incl. Multiplex stop plates.