Swivel milling machine


Swivel Milling Machine 245 | 300

The milling machines of the 245 | 300 series enable more efficient, economical and, above all, safe working.

Proven features and features of popular PANHANS milling machines have been combined with new features and components.

Safety at highest level
A personalized chip allows only authorized persons to start the machine.

All functional elements required for working are optimally placed, safely accessible and ergonomically arranged.

When machining very large workpieces, it is possible to swing all unnecessary elements behind the machine until only the milling spindle protrudes from the table.

In this case, the operating element can be hung on the front of the extendable frame support and thus remains easily accessible at all times.

Specific value:
Motor power 7,5 kW / 10 HP
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Table size 1100 x 760 mm
Table height 870 mm
Clamping height 140 mm
Height adjustment 125 mm
Dimension 1145 x 1380 mm
PANHANS Sigmaringen Fräsmaschinen 245|300 Fräser-Schnellspannvorrichtung

digital control

console for swinging away

router quick clamping device


Our swivel-milling machine 245 | 300 is the absolute all-rounder for small and large carpenters.


Safety at highest level

Only authorized persons can use a personalized chip to start the machine. In our series 245 | 100 to 245 | 300 milling machines, our machine release type TM300 is available as an option.


Digital control

Stepless speed adjustment from 1,500 to 10,000 rpm.
Up to 4-axis positioning control for height and tilt adjustment, milling stop, total stop and partial stop right.
With a tool database for storing up to 500 tools.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Fräsmaschinen 245|300 Fräser-Schnellspannvorrichtung-en

Milling tool quick clamping device

Milling spindle with milling cutter quick-clamping device for quick change of the tool for process optimization in your workshop sequence. Available with various changing systems.

PANHANS Sigmaringen sliding table saw 245|300 Console for swivelling away

Console for swinging away

For automatic transport when processing large workpieces, the console helps with its transport rollers. A practical feature, on the one hand, to save one's own physical strength and, on the other hand, to be able to process workpieces in detail.