Thicknessing Machine


Thicknessing machine 436|10

In addition to its compact and robust steel construction, the 436 | 10 thicknesser stands out due to the extremely quiet and quiet running of its dynamically balanced knife shaft.

The maintenance-free construction of the bearing with high-performance precision ball bearings guarantees long-lasting reliability. The finely planed thickness table is vibration-free and tilt-proof mounted on 4 table spindles and ensures a perfect planing image.

A rubber infeed and outfeed roller with a diameter of 90 mm ensure optimum feed of the workpiece.

The powerful 7.5 kW main motor ensures maximum chip removal without compromise.

The height adjustment is carried out by the Easy Drive positioning control already included in the standard.

Specific value:
Planer width 630 mm
Planer height 3 – 300 mm
Table length 1040 mm
Motor power main motor 7,5 kW / 10 HP
Motor power feed motor 0,55 kW / 0,8 HP
0,75 kW / 1,0 HP
Feed 7 + 14 m/min
Suction connecting piece 160 mm
Dimension 1070 x 1200 x 1060 mm
Weight 1050 kg

switchable LED display

thick table with 4 trapezoid spindles

positioning Easy Drive


Standard equipment of the thickness planer type 436 | 10.


Positioning control easy drive

Simple and precise adjustment of the planing height from 3 - 300 mm.

2 feed speeds switchable
(7 + 14 m/min).


Segmented pad

For optimum contact pressure on the planing table while simultaneously planing workpieces of different heights.


Thick table with 4 trapezoid spindles

non-tilting for an optimal planer image


Switchable LED display

For absolute and incremental dimensions