Format and lining circular saw


Format and trimming saw V91 | 10

45.5 ° in both directions

Positive and negative mitres can be performed with the PANHANS V 91 | 10 in the same workpiece position. The workpiece does not have to be turned, which saves time and effort.

The visible side of the workpiece remains at the top, no matter which inclination the saw blade follows.

Blade-free work is guaranteed in every case.

Shiftercuts become easy

Specific value:
Swivel range +45,5° / -45,5°
Saw blade diameter max. 500 mm
Cutting height at 90° max. 172,5 mm
at 45,5° max. 120 – 90 mm
Cutting width standard 1250 mm
Cutting width optional 1500 mm (el. adjustment)
Cutting length standard 3200 mm
Cutting length optional 2000 / 2600 / 3800 mm
Saw blade change APA-saw blade quick release system
Main saw blade seat ø 30 mm
Motor power 7,5 kW / 10,2 HP
Revolution speed 1000 to 6000 rpm
Suction machine body 120 mm
Suction protection cover 80 mm
Weight 1050 kg
PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge V91|10

cross slide with length stop

rotatable protective cover

swiveling saw blade

back gauge


Standard equipment elements of the sliding table saw V 91 | 10
PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge V91|10

Swiveling saw blade

The format saw V 91 | 10 has an electromotive height and tilt adjustment of the saw blade from +45.5 to -45.5 °.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge V91|10 Schwenkbares Sägeblatt

Rotatable protective cover

A sophisticated turning mechanism makes it possible to customize the hood individually to the saw blade adjustment.
Does not have to be exchanged - can not be lost!

PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge V91|10 Drehbare Schutzhaube

Touchscreen 5.7 "

The control element on the machine body of the format saw V 91 | 10 presents itself simply and clearly programmable.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge V91|10 Touchscreen 5,7"

back gauge

The adjustment of the cutting width is done with the stable stop manually via fine adjustment and clamping.
The set stop position is displayed clearly in the rotatable housing.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge V91|10 Breitenanschlag

Vibration-free rotary actuator

The drive unit is not connected to the work table.
This PANHANS-specific bearing prevents the transmission of vibrations and vibrations to the working area.
The drive is designed to be energy efficient.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Formatkreissäge V91|10 Schwingungsfreier Schwenkantrieb

Cross slide with length stop

Stable cross slide with carrying roller and Quick-Lock shots.
Self-locking, tool-free plug-in system for length stop with movable folding and end stop.
Dimension setting via scale and magnifying glass.