3-wheel ribbon sawing machine


3-wheel bandsaw 3 V

With the Model 3 V, HOKUBEMA offers a ribbon saw that is also suitable for very large workpieces.

The work table and the special construction, in which the blade is guided over 3 wheels, makes this possible.

This special design results in a maximum cut width of 1450 mm and a cut height of up to 1000 mm.

Für ein optimales Schnittergebnis sorgt die präzise Sägeblattführung APA 2.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Bandsäge BSB 3V


The 3-wheel bandsaw 3 V is already fully equipped in its basic versions and enables safe and economical work.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Bandsäge BSB 3V

Optimal sawmill drive

Solid cast steel wheels with large diameters ensure a safe and leaf-friendly run. Abrasion-resistant rubber pads, convex ground guide the saw blade exactly in the desired position.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Bandsäge BSB 3V Anschlaglineal

Versatile attack linev

Reversible stop rule, can be used on the left and right of the saw blade; High position for wide parts, flat position for narrow parts.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Bandsäge BSB 3V Motor

Strong drive

The drive motor of the bandsaw 3 V is designed generously. Even large-volume workpieces can be processed without difficulty.

PANHANS Sigmaringen Bandsäge BSB 3V


All important settings are made via a centrally mounted control.