PANHANS Sigmaringen HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau Hobelmaschine 546|10 Dickenhobel

Machine overview

Planers and thicknessers

Precise and powerful planing machines in best PANHANS quality and individually suitable for your application.

You have the choice between three surface planers & jointers with the different planing widths 410, 510 and 630 mm, an extra strong thicknesser with up to 8 mm chip removal or our equally powerful combined surface planer & thicknesser with the unique selling point that no conversion is required when changing the operating modes.

All models are equipped with a powerful three-phase motor, a dynamically balanced high-performance cutter block and all necessary guards and safety devices.

Surface planers and jointers

334|20, 335|20, 336|20

Thickness planer


Combined planer and thicknesser