PANHANS Sigmaringen bandsaw machine 400-900 table tilting device

Machine overview

Bandsaw machines

The extensive product portfolio of the PANHANS brand, famous in the woodworking industry, includes a suitable band saw machine for every possible application. Like all other machines, the bandsaws are also manufactured in Germany in the high-quality and proven PANHANS quality.

BSB series

The bandsaw series BSB 400 to BSB 900 includes six different types of machines, whose wheel diameter, cutting height, cutting width and blade speed vary depending on the model. Starting with the smallest bandsaw BSB 400 with a height of 1.74 meters, up to the 2.65 meters high BSB 900, a suitable model is available depending on the requirements and available space in the joinery, carpentry, woodworking shop or training center. All BSB bandsaws have identical equipment features, guards and safety devices.

3-Wheel 3V model

The massive high-performance bandsaw 3V is an imposing appearance with its almost 3.5 meters height and the oversized table top. It was specially designed for processing very large workpieces and allows cutting heights of up to 1000 mm and cutting widths of up to 1450 mm. A special feature of this machine is its special design, in which the bandsaw blade is guided by three 600 mm wheels made of solid cast iron.

TBS 800 R and TBS 900 R models

The two robust band resaws with their sturdily constructed feed units each have a roller conveyor with modular safety device and emergency rip cord as well as a central control system. Particularly for applications in the field of raw wood and timber construction, their 80 mm wide saw blades ensure precise and perfectly straight cuts of the highest quality when ripping larger cross-sections.

Bandsaw machine

BSB 400

Bandsaw machine

BSB 500

Bandsaw machine

BSB 600

Bandsaw machine

BSB 700

Bandsaw machine

BSB 800

Bandsaw machine

BSB 900

Industrial bandsaw

3-Wheel 3V

Band resaw

TBS 800 R

Band resaw

TBS 900 R