PANHANS Sigmaringen sliding table saw 245|300 Console for swivelling away

Machine overview

Tilting spindle moulders

Precise work at the highest level is required for the production of a wide variety of parts in the processing of wood or plastics. Components in a wide variety of applications have to be manufactured and later joined together with a precise fit. This precision work requires not only specific tools, but also a reliable machine with a pleasant and advantageous operating concept.

All PANHANS tilting spindle moulders of the 245 series impress with a well thought-out operating concept and thus enable precise, effective, economical and safe working.

Furthermore, the tilting spindle moulders and shapers from PANHANS, which are exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany, convince with high-quality parts and components and offer absolute reliability with the highest durability at the same time.

All 245 series spindle moulders and shapers are equipped with a tiltable milling spindle, a solid safety shaper fence and the necessary safety devices.

Depending on customer requirements, application and space in the joinery or workshop, PANHANS offers a suitable model that is already generously equipped in the basic configuration.

On request, each machine can be individually expanded with numerous special accessories and optional components.

Tilting spindle moulder


Tilting spindle moulder


Tilting spindle moulder


Tilting spindle moulder


Tilting spindle moulder