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In order to present HOKUBEMA and R.Beck as well as the PANHANS and WOODPECKER brands in a uniform corporate design, we have compiled our logo data in this section. This data can be downloaded and used for the corresponding application.

Please note the information on the use of the companies' CI data and advertising material. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Terms of use
of the media data

The logos and advertising material may only be used by the user in the form and graphic design stored in this download area. This applies in particular to the design, the colour scheme and/or the resolution. The quality of the logo data is designed for print media and digital advertising products. Should you nevertheless require a vector file, please contact

The media data are copyright protected. The user is also prohibited from using individual word and/or image components of the logos and advertising material. The user is not authorised to register the logos/advertising material in whole and/or in part as a trademark and/or other right. The user may use the logos/advertising material exclusively for the purpose of advertising the products of HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau GmbH .

HOKUBEMA PANHANS Gesamtflyer Produktübersicht

Download logo data

Machine brochures for download - German

PANHANS Planers and
thicknessers - German

PANHANS Planers and
machines - German

PANHANS Planers and
machine - German

PANHANS Planers and
moulders - German

PANHANS Planers and
panel saws - German


Machine brochures for download - English

PANHANS planers and
thicknessers - English

PANHANS Bandsaw machines - English

PANHANS Slot drilling machine - English

PANHANS Spindle moulders - English

PANHANS Sliding table panel saws - English

Machine brochures for download - French

PANHANS planers and
machines - French

PANHANS Bandsaws - French

PANHANS Slot drilling machine - French

PANHANS Spindle moulders - French

PANHANS Sliding table saws - French

Download flyer/brochures

PANHANS Planers and
overview - German

HOKUBEMA PANHANS Gesamtflyer Produktübersicht

overview - English

HOKUBEMA PANHANS Gesamtflyer Produktübersicht

SI-TEC Catalogue 2023 - German


SI-TEC Catalogue 2023 - English


SI-TEC Catalogue 2023 - French


overview - German


Bandsaw wheel
repairs - German


The original APA guide -
German flyer

Flyer Bandsägeblattführung APA PANHANS

The original APA guide - English flyer

Flyer Bandsägeblattführung APA PANHANS

Instructions APA-Guide German


Instructions APA-Guide English


Protective guards
repairs - German


Protective guards
Flyer - English


Returns label - German


Returns label - English


Wear parts for bandsaws - German


Operating manuals

Technical instructions, operating manuals, data sheets and more - here you will find everything you need to know about technical information for PANHANS machines.