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PANHANS Sigmaringen HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau TM-300

From the idea ... to the product

The current situation is that many machines have passwords or simple key switches. There is one decisive disadvantage: This type of machine activation is not personalized. No statement can be made as to which employee has activated a machine at what time.

PANHANS Sigmaringen HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau TM200

With our product TM-200 we can offer you exactly this: Each activation is documented employee-related, because each employee has their own personalized RFID key.

These personalization and documentation skills ensure that the work in your company is safely. For example, it is no longer possible for an employee to work on a machine without the annual required safety instruction. This ensures the built-in real-time clock of the TM-200. It compares the current date with the employee's last safety briefing.

Each RFID key has a certain authorization level, therefore unauthorized operation of a machine or system can be prevented.

PANHANS Sigmaringen HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau TM300

Larger companies also have the ability to network TM-300 devices and centrally control or share the personalization of each machine. Due to the network capability of the TM-300 series, it can also be integrated into existing large-scale systems (eg Siemens PLC).

PANHANS Sigmaringen HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau TM100

Even with the basic version TM-100, individualised machine access control can be implemented. With the functions of a key switch or a password and with the great advantages of an RFID system. The RFID keys in the TM series are compatible with each other. Each employee in your company will in future only have one RFID key to unlock the systems and machines for which he is authorized.


7" Touchscreen

Operating concepts

Innovative operating concepts with capacitive touch technology for mechanical and plant engineering.

In order to meet the demands of customers with increasingly complex control systems, we develop customer-specific controllers and PLC modules with Modbus TCP interface.

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