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PANHANS, the modern mechanical engineering company

Every woodworker has certainly been faced with the big question: Which woodworking machine is the right one for me and from which manufacturer is it best to buy? A decision that should be well considered. After all, the machine should meet your own criteria, fit into your desired budget and be equipped with helpful functions. This is not at all easy, as many craftsmen should know. When looking for the right machine, there are many different manufacturers and brands. One of these machine brands that many craftsmen might already know is PANHANS. A machine brand that has been around for 100 years. Contrary to what the many years of inventory might lead you to think, PANHANS is anything but outdated or even old-fashioned.

The manufacturer HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau GmbH stands for progressive and future-oriented work, with many years of experience and further developments. A large number of woodworking machines, for example, already have built-in touchscreen controls. This means that they can be easily controlled via a display. It even contains a tool database that can store a total of 50,000 programmes (for 500 tools, per tool 100 programmes). In this way, certain work processes can be stored and quickly recalled. The user does not have to enter measurements laboriously and thus saves valuable time. Ein weiterer Vorteil, den Nutzende von PANHANS Produkten genießen können, ist die sogenannte „Maschinenregistrierung“ – eine einfache Handhabung mit großem Nutzen. You can register your machine on the PANHANS website and then you will regularly receive information tailored to the machine on new developments, accessories or updates. You can also be helped more quickly with maintenance questions or technical support by registering. You are also well advised to watch “HOKUBEMA-TV” on the company’s own YOUTUBE channel. It includes video circuits in which various machines of the PANHANS and WOODPECKER brands or products of the partner company Reinhold Beck Maschinenbau GmbH are presented. As a viewer, you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered by experts. What started as livestreams was organised in spring 2020 due to the cancelled trade fairs and still takes place regularly with more info videos. These are just a few examples that show that PANHANS moves with the times and belongs to an innovative company. In the truest sense of the word, because it’s been 100 years after all.