SI-TEC stands for safety

Please imagine the following situation: Carpenters in training must first complete a machine course in order to be allowed to use woodworking machines without supervision. This is for good reason, because a lot can happen and go wrong during use. As part of this machine course, the apprentice carpenters receive a booklet in which various machines and their use are described. In this booklet there are pages for each machine showing the dangers and possible accidents.

To prevent such situations from occurring in the first place, the HOKUBEMA company distributes the so-called SI-TECproducts. SI-TEC stands for safety technology and has been developed for increased occupational safety for employees and customers. To improve occupational safety in the company, existing machines can be equipped with simple products and extended accessories such as milling and mitre fences, planing guards or protective covers.

An innovative way to ensure more safety in the company is the special new addition – machine enabling. A simple and cost-effective solution for reliable machine access control, ensuring that only authorised persons are allowed to operate certain machines. Each team member receives a chip on which the authorisations for the machines are stored. Thus, a team member can only “unlock” the machines that he or she is allowed to operate. This is because each machine has an electronic key system that recognises the data on the chip

HOKUBEMA focuses not only on safety at the machine, but also on the health of employees and customers. Did you know that about 40% of musculoskeletal disorders are caused by incorrect postures when carrying and lifting heavy objects? Common consequences are back problems and slipped discs, which can lead to incapacity to work and days of absence. To avoid this, HOKUBEMA relies on a health-promoting auxiliary product for craftsmen with the products of Reinhold Beck Maschinenbau GmbH. Ergonomics and the use of lifting aids are a large part of the Beck Maschinenbau range. With lifting equipment and work tables, loads of up to 10,000 kg can be lifted and transported, depending on the design.

All-round versatile occupational health and safety and health-promoting measures that make your everyday working life safer and easier – you too can make use of the opportunities in your company.