PANHANS Sigmaringen HOKUBEMA Mechanical Engineering In-House Exhibition SIGNA

SIGNA 2018 in-house exhibition

5 days full programme

SIGNA in-house exhibition for the Beck and PANHANS brands with particular focal points.

At Signa 2018, which runs from 11 to. 15 September, numerous customers and interested parties from various fields of activity came to Sigmaringen. The organisers were well prepared and had put together a detailed program that was tailored to the interests and needs of the trade and craft sector as well as teachers and trainers.
This year’s event focussed on two main topics.

The guide to the ideal manual workstation

With a new service package offered by Beck Maschinenbau GmbH under the name ErgofleXX, existing working areas and those to be redesigned are evaluated in order to then define the optimum design.

Wolfgang Schneider, a recognised ergonomics expert, has been recruited as a contributor for this new area. He has combined his expertise with the work processes of the carpentry trade and developed special modules that are offered to interested parties.

Ergonomics in the work place – theory and practice – is the name of the information module that is being developed for tradespeople and companies of different sizes and orientations. It teaches the basics and addresses points that need to be considered depending on the respective application. The aim is to provide safety in order to do the right things in practical use.

The theory and practice module is available at the Beck Information Centre in Sigmaringen, but can also be taken on site at interested companies.

Workplace assessment and ergonomic process design are offered as a further service for companies wishing to optimise or redesign their workplaces. The ergonomics expert examines existing equipment and draws up proposals that lead to an ergonomically sensible alignment.

With this package of measures, lift table pioneer Reinhold Beck wants to make a further contribution to convincing even more companies of the need for ergonomic and economical workplace design.

The company anniversary of the Panhans brand was the second focus of the event. The first products were developed exactly 100 years ago. The eventful history was not only shown in pictures and old advertising brochures. Historic original machines from past decades illustrated the path that mechanised woodworking has taken.