PANHANS Sigmaringen HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau Messe

The Hochschwarzwald and Mühlheim carpentry guilds paid a visit

Informative and practice-orientated

The number of visitors to the Beck/PANHANS Info Centre continues to rise. Many came to Sigmaringen with concrete purchase intentions to view their original machine in the exhibition and put it together as they wished.

The need for well-founded information on the processing of wood, plastics and composite materials is also attracting an increasing number of visitors to HOKUBEMA House.The Hochschwarzwald and Mühlheim carpentry guilds were guests in Sigmaringen in May 2018.

Interest was equally focussed on the products of the PANHANS brand and the Reinhold Beck Maschinenbau GmbH series.

The group of 14 people received up-to-date information on both companies and machine programmes from the supervising team. Two focal points formed the core of the day’s programme.

The equipment of working places ergonomically designed with height-adjustable work tables and handling equipment, as well as safety optimisation through additional equipment on sawing, planing and milling machines was presented by the speakers and illuminated from all angles.

The guild members were able to quench their thirst for knowledge in all areas and were very satisfied with their stay in Sigmaringen.